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Audio Ski Helmets & Ski Helmets with Speakers

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About Audio Ski Helmets & Ski Helmets with Speakers at evo

While we all know it’s important to wear a helmet while skiing, ski helmets make it harder to listen to, and control your music while skiing. Your headphones are uncomfortable under them, and the wires and straps get hopelessly tangled. Wireless options aren’t much better, as your helmet makes them uncomfortable.

An audio ski helmet allows you to listen to your favorite music on the hill, while keeping your brain protected by integrating headphones into the liner of the helmet. These ski helmets with speakers let you be the boss of your music, while staying comfortable and safe.

Audio ski helmets fit the same as normal ski helmets, so shop around and decide what features are important to you. Do you need external controls so that you can pause your music or take a call without taking your phone out? Want to ditch the wires in favor of a bluetooth ski helmet? An audio ski helmet will help to keep you safe, and entertained throughout your days on the mountain.

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