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Road, Urban & Commuter Bikes

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About Urban & Commuter Bikes at evo:

Riding around the city on your bike is the best, not only does it help you go green, but you can avoid all of the stresses that come along with getting in your car or sitting on the bus. We at evo are big fans bike commuting, in fact it can sometimes be harder to find a parking spot for your bike than your car at our office.

Urban and commuter bikes are great because of their simplicity and comfort. They’re built to get you around town comfortably and in style - they don’t need to be ready to win the Tour De France, or a World Cup Downhill race. This means commuter bikes often feature more comfortable frame designs, saddles, and handlebar shapes. These handlebars, for instance, have more rise and backsweep, putting you in a more upright position. While this might not be the best if you’re logging 50+ mile rides, it’s great for a quick trip to the store or the park.

Riding to work and around town for your errands is a great first step to reducing your carbon footprint, and it’s a great way to stay active everyday. We want to help you to take these steps by providing you with a great selection of city, urban, and commuter bikes, as well as lend the expertise to choose the right one for you. Have questions? Contact our customer care team!
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