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The 6 Best Kids' Ski Boots of 2021-2022

The hardest part of getting your kids ready to ski might just be the boots. It’s really hard to tell if your child’s boots are fitting properly, and, even if they are, there’s no guarantee they’ll still fit next season. So it can be tempting to just throw up your hands in frustration and just go with the cheapest possible option or even rent boots. That’s too bad because, in the last few years, brands have put more resources into building comfortable, high-performance kids' ski boots than ever before. And a good pair of boots will make a huge difference for young skiers.

So don’t give up on finding the right boots for your young skier. They’re out there, and this list will help you find them. These are the best kids’ ski boots we’ve found. They’re comfortable, easy to get in and out of without parental help and provide a consistent, supportive ride. You wouldn’t skimp on your own ski boots, and your kids deserve the same treatment.

Salomon Shift Pro 80T AT Alpine Touring

Best 2021-2022 kids ski boots

Salomon’s Shift line is designed to provide no-compromise performance both in and out of bounds. And the Shift Pro 80 AT brings that same performance to smaller skiers. The Shift Pro has tech fittings and a walk mode, so it’s comfortable to earn your turns in, but the substantial liner and carefully designed shell deliver a traditional alpine boot experience when you’re riding chairlifts. The liner is heat moldable to your child’s feet, and it’s specially designed to be easier to take off and put on.

If your child is ready to start exploring the backcountry and needs one boot that will hold up both on the skin track, and the chairlift, the Shift Pro 80T AT is a great option and one of the best kids backcountry ski boots.

FlexBucklesOriginal Price 
804 Micro-Adjustable Aluminum 3D$399.95

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K2 Mindbender Team JR

Best 2021-2022 kids ski boots

The K2 Mindbender Team Jr performs similarly to the Shift Pro 80T but takes a slightly different approach to get there. The Mindbender is based on K2's popular Recon boot, with the addition of a walk mode and tech fittings. The walk mode is easy and simple to use, even for inexperienced backcountry skiers, and when it’s locked for the descent, it’s nearly impossible to feel the difference between the Mindbender and a traditional alpine boot. Both the Mindbender’s shell and liner are heat-moldable, so you can customize it to your child’s foot.

The K2 Mindbender Team JR is an exciting boot for kids and parents alike. It truly brings alpine performance to the backcountry, in a light, easy-to-use package and is one of the best ski boots for kids.

FlexBucklesOriginal Price 
854 Micro Adjustable Light Alloy$399.95

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Lange XT3 80 Wide SC Alpine Touring

Best 2021-2022 ski boots for kids

Lange has a long history of making some of the most reliable alpine boots on the market, and the XT 80 Wide SC is no exception. Where it does differ from some Lange boots of the past is the fit. The XT Wide has a 100 mm last, which will fit folks with medium to wide feet very well. So, if your child is complaining of cramped toes. The XT 80 Wide SC might be a good choice. The XT 80 Wide SC does have a walk mode and tech fittings, so it’s capable enough for shorter tours, but it doesn’t have a very wide range of motion, and it’s a little heavier than other options, so if your child wants to do big tours with you, it might be worth getting something a little lighter.

If you want to share the high-performance legacy of Lange boots with the next generation, the Lange XT 80 Wide SC brings everything you like about Lange’s to the table, with a little added volume and comfort.

FlexBucklesOriginal Price 
804 Alu Light Micro Adjust$449.95

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Salomon T3 RT Girly

Best kids ski boots

It’s tempting to shop for the stiffest boots you can get in your child’s size, assuming they’ll eventually grow into them. But flex isn’t a one-size-fits-all category. And for smaller skiers, especially young girls, it’s important to find a soft enough boot that they can effectively flex into the tongue to initiate turns. This keeps them more comfortable and helps build fundamentals. The Salomon T3 RT Girly fills this niche with its soft, approachable 30 flex. Even the smallest and lightest kids will be able to flex into this boot and get comfortable. Add a pre-molded liner, and loops to help get in and out of the boots, and you’ve got a clear winner.

Stiff boots are not for everyone, so if your child needs something a little more approachable to help graduate from the bunny hill to the rest of the mountain, the Salomon T3 RT Girly is a great place to start.

FlexBucklesOriginal Price 
30 JR3 Vario Plastic$119.99

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Atomic Hawx Jr 3 - Boys

Best boys ski boots

Atomic’s Hawx Jr 3 is similar to the Salomon RT Girly in that it’s a softer, more accessible boot. Atomic makes smaller one and two-buckle kids boots, the Hawx Jr 3 is their smallest and softest three-buckle boot and it’s meant to bring the next level of performance to young skiers. The 40 flex is comfortable and easy to lean into, and three buckles make dialing in the fit a snap. The cuff height is adjusted with size to help support young skiers, and the liner is easy to slip in and out of.

If your child is just getting ready to ski the mountain on their own, the Hawx Jr 3 is one of the best youth ski boots to get them started.

FlexBucklesOriginal Price 
403 Polycarbonate with Macro Adjust Ladders$129.99

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Nordica Speedmachine J 2 - Girls

Best kids ski boots

The Nordica Speedmachine J2 Little is a light two-buckle boot that’s available in a huge range of sizes. The Speedmachine fits feet as small as 16.5, or as large as 23.5, so it’s possible to stay with the same model boot until you’re ready for adult boots. The 35 flex is perfect for skiers just learning to carve turns, and Nordica has built-in special softer panels to make it easier to get in and out of the boot.

The Nordica Speedmachine J2 Little is a very accessible boot, with a size for everyone. If it fits your child’s foot, they can potentially stay in the same model of boot for years which makes shopping easy and keeps things familiar for them.

FlexBucklesOriginal Price 
352 Light Alloy$119.99

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