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The 10 Best All Mountain Skis of 2021-2022 - Men's & Women's

Over the years skiers have always chased the fleeting “one ski quiver.” A setup that can perform in the powder, and rip on hard snow. To most skiers, that means looking at the all mountain skis category. But, what does that mean? The term “All Mountain Ski” is, by its very nature, nebulous. That’s not to say it’s a bad name for the category, rather, it just really depends which mountain you’re looking to ski all of. A great all-mountain ski for Mt. Bohemia might look a lot different from one for Jackson Hole. So the question isn’t “what’s the best all mountain ski on the market?” it’s actually “What’s the best ski for all of the mountains I usually ski at?”

We’ve put together this guide to help you answer exactly that question. These are some of the top all mountain skis, and each one of them caters to a slightly different sort of skier, at a slightly different sort of mountain. We break down who each of those skiers is, and what sort of conditions each one of these skis thrives in so that you can find your next favorite quiver-killing ski. So if you’re looking to just get one pair of skis that you can count on no matter what the season throws at you, check out these recommendations for the best all mountain skis of 2022 on the market.

Armada ARW 106 UL

Best 2021-2022 all mountain skis

The Armada ARW 106 UL is light, it’s playful, and it’s shockingly versatile. It comes in lengths from 164 to 188 cm, so there’s a size for just about any skier out there, male or female. The ARW 106 UL is best suited to skiers and hills who get a lot of snow and have good backcountry access. If you’re only planning on skiing inbounds, the ARW 106 UL is still a fine choice, but you’ll be missing out on much of the potential its light weight brings. The Smear Tech tips and tails mean it’s an absolute blast when the snow is deep, but it still carves a surprisingly confident line when things are firm and chopped up.

So, for folks who get plenty of pow days, and like to occasionally earn their turns, the Armada ARW 106 UL is here to help you make the most of every lap.

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Armada Declivity 102 Ti

The best 2021-2022 all mountain skis

If the ARW 106 UL is for folks who get plenty of deep snow and backcountry days, the Declivity 102 Ti is for their opposites, the folks who like to ski fast and hard in variable conditions inbounds. The Titanal layers make the Declivity very damp and reliable at speed, it can hold up to all of the ex-racer angst you can throw at it. But the Declivity isn’t a one-trick groomed snow pony. Instead, it’s wide enough, with enough rocker that you can make the most of fresh snow when you get it, and it loves to plow through chop the day after the storm as well. If you're looking for the best skis to drive hard, but want something versatile enough for any conditions, the Declivity 102 Ti was made for you.

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Atomic Bent Chetler 100

The best 2021-2022 all mountain skis

Chris Benchetler and Atomic have been teaming up to build amazing skis for years, and this 100mm version may be the best yet. They’re the ideal setup for the skier looking for a ski to grab when they aren’t sure what conditions to expect but want to be covered for anything.

The Chetler 100 retains the playful energy of the 120, with plenty of rocker and HRZN tech tips and tails for better float in powder - but the narrower dimensions make it much better for a mix of conditions including hardpack. The directional twin shape excels in soft and chopped-up snow, but they also shine on groomers and in the bumps whether you’re riding regular or switch. They’re intuitive to ski, lightning-quick, and amazingly stable for the weight.

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Blizzard Rustler 10

The Best 2021-2022 all mountain skis

Blizzard’s Rustler 10 likes to defy convention and categories. On paper, it’s pretty similar to the Declivity 102 Ti, with the same width, and Titinal inserts. And it does deliver almost the same level of bump-leveling performance as the Declivity. But, it’s also happy to ski with a much more centered, playful style, along the lines of the Bent Chetler 100. So it strikes a happy balance between the more directional and the more playful all-mountain skis. That means that a whole bunch of skiers will get along really well with the Rustler 10. It’s a bit of a shapeshifter, it can be whatever you need it to be, and that makes it extremely versatile.

So, if you like to switch things up, and ski hard and fast one day, and slashy and playfully the next, the Blizzard Rustler 10 is here for all of it.

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102mmPoplar, Beech, Balsa, & Paulownia$699.95

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Dynastar M-Free 99

The best 2021-2022 all mountain skis

The Dynastar M-Free 99 falls into a similar category as the Rustler 10, both of them are very versatile skis that respond well to a variety of conditions and skiing styles. The difference lies in how the M-Free gets there. It’s reminiscent of a park ski that grew up and matured into an all-mountain ripper. Sure, the M-Free is more than happy to slide the occasional rail, but it's more interested in taking that philosophy everywhere else on the mountain. So, if you live in a lower snow area, and catch yourself eyeing every cat track and side hit from the lift as a potential booter to trick, the M-Free 99 is right there with you.

The M-Free manages to bring a playful, fun attitude to just about any run. Sure, it doesn’t excel on super deep pow days, but that’s not its place. Instead, it’s meant to make every other day on snow just as fun.

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99mmHybrid Poplar PU$599.95

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Elan Ripstick 102 - Women's

The best 2021-2022 all mountain skis

Elan’s philosophy with the Ripstick 102 W is that, when you turn your skis, a different set of forces is working on your inside and outside edges. And, to compensate for that, the Elan Ripstick 102 is built with an asymmetrical, shape, core, flex pattern, and rocker profile that all combine to make it one of the smoothest turning skis on the market. Whether you’re on a groomer or slashing through deep fresh snow, the Ripstick 102 is smooth and intuitive from initiating a turn through the final slash. It’s just so much fun to rip around on, and female skiers will love its blend of accessibility with a high top end.

If your favorite part of skiing is the rush of G-forces as you initiate and then release every turn, the Ripstick 102 will amplify that and leave you grinning through every lift ride, making it one of the best women’s all mountain skis.

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102mmTubelite Wood Core$649.99

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Blizzard Black Pearl 97 - Women's

The best 2021-2022 all mountain skis

Everyone loves the Black Pearl 97, from smaller skiers to the 210-pound charger dude who works in our Seattle shop. It’s really that versatile. The new TruBlend core gives the Black Pearl 97 an even smoother tip to tail flex than before, making the ski more forgiving without losing the confident edgehold Blizzard is famous for.

This ski transitions seamlessly from hard carving frontside GS turns to technical terrain with a foot of fresh, so you can quit worrying about the conditions and get on with the fun.

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97mmTrueBlend Wood Core$699.95

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Nordica Enforcer 104 Free

Best 2022 all mountain skis

Introduced 2 winters ago by Nordica to back up the overwhelming success of the Enforcer 100 with a better soft snow option, the 104 Free is the Enforcer for skiers who mix up their daily menu with a bit of tree skiing here, a fast groomer there, and maybe a hike out the backcountry gate thrown in as well.

With more surface area and a bit more rocker than the Enforcer 100, the 104 Frees are user-friendly and more relaxing in deep snow, just as you’d expect. With their Titanal backbone and full-length sidewalls, you’d also expect the 104 Free to be a hit with experts – and it is – but it’s surprisingly easy to ski for anyone from strong intermediates on up.

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104mmCarbon, Metal, Wood$799.99

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Line Skis Pandora 94 - Women's

Best 2022 all women's mountain skis

The Line Skis Pandora 94 is another crowd favorite at evo amongst the women’s all mountain skis and sells out year after year. Light and nimble describe this ski to a “T” and it seems anyone from an athletic beginner to recovering expert can get on these things and have a blast from turn 1.

They’ve nailed the design on the 94 so they do everything you want on-demand, without the drama that some performance skis bring to the table. This Aspen-cored, carbon-infused ski has enough tip rocker to handle powder and crud but plenty of stoutness underfoot for hard snow and groomers.

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Völkl M6 Mantra

Best 2022 all mountain skis

Völkl’s been getting the Mantra right for decades, and the fact that the latest M6 rips isn’t exactly a surprise. The brilliance of the M6 Mantra is apparent as soon as you put it on edge; this ski absolutely lights up in a high-speed carve. The kicker is that Völkl engineers have managed to make the new version even more precise than before but less demanding and hooky at the tip and tail – the secret is the tailored Titanal construction and Tailored Carbon Tips.

If you’re an ex-racer or someone who wants to ski like one, the Völkl M6 Mantra should be at the top of your list of skis to check out for 2022.

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